About Us

First of all, I would like to welcome you to my blog about Bee Pollen Health Benefits and side effects. My name is Tad, and I am trying to live a healthy lifestyle with my family, yet enjoy my life by not being too strict on food and entertainment events that the family wish to go to. After I heard about the bee pollen health benefits I just had to keep investigating and find out everything I can about this natural medicine.

Finally, I decided to give the bees pollen a shot and was really impressed by its positive influence over my health and general mood. Thus, this blog was created to share some of my limited experience with the pollen bee material (may I point that I am not and never claimed to be an expert in the subject).

Please feel free to surf the blog and use the information to decide if you want to use bee pollen supplements or products or just collect general information about this intriguing subject.